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KSCV is a unique company. Our greatest competitive advantage is our broad experience, practical, thematic knowledge, thorough understanding of the market, an extensive network of contacts and detailed industry specialization. We know and understand the challenges you face. We help you with business development, geographical and service expansion, recruitment and m/a. We offer a completely new consulting and recruitment quality.

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Looking for an adequate help, staff or a new job can be really easy if you trust the right specialist.

At KSCV we help to define actual business development, expansion and recruitment needs and potential. We develop our Clients’ businesses by starting new operations or opening new departments or branches in Poland and abroad. We also support investors with entering the transport and logistics market in Poland and Europe.

Our solutions for you

How can we help you?

If you’re looking for Specialists, Managers or Directors from the transport and logistics industry we are your best choice. We help transport and forwarding companies as well as logistics operators and manufacturers to find and select the right people to fill in the positions and to fit in within the companies. We believe that there is a perfect job for everyone and that there is a perfect employee for every company. Our role is to connect people and businesses effectively.

How do we help employers?

We analyze and define actual recruitment and development needs and potential

We advise and assist with recruitment, business development and expansion matters

We recruit

We offer professional candidate sourcing and placement as well as headhunting services

We help with opening new departments or branches in Poland and abroad as well as with entering the transport and logistics market in Poland and Europe

How do we help candidates?

We help to find a new and better job adequate to experience, knowledge and abilities. We advise and support at every stage of the recruitment process. Looking for work is quick and easy with us.

Our mission

KSCV was established to offer a whole new recruitment and consulting experience for both: employers and candidates. We offer some truly complex support for transport and logistics companies and professionals. Our mission is to offer and provide real help. Our values are all about the highest standards and integrity. KSCV is more than consulting and recruitment. KSCV is the new quality.

Our success

Since 2016 KSCV helped its Clients in recruiting over 300 new Employees. During that time we opened up over 40 new business locations in 10 European countries.

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